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The millions of angels and all other living beings, “every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea” (v. 13), praise and.
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It has always been that way and it will always be that way. That alone makes Him worthy of your praise. Psalm reminds us that worship is not about us. Second, worship helps us fulfill our life purpose. You were made to worship. Sometimes we think we become a Christian and then we become a worshiper.

But the truth is, every one of us is made to worship and we were worshiping long before we placed our faith in Jesus Christ. There is something inside of us that longs for and searches for something of meaning and significance to give ourselves to. You matter to me. You are of ultimate significance to me.

Where we invest ourselves the most is the thing or person which matters most to me. And then our lives become centered around that one thing. Everybody is worshiping and everybody is building their life around someone or something.

Cosmic worship, sanctified matter, transfigured vision | Christian History Magazine

You were created for worship rather than just drudging your way through life. Our lives were given to fulfill a destiny to worship Him and when we abandon God, we abandon our destiny and instantly, our lives become about something less than God himself. Worship matters not only because you are a worshiper but because you were created to be in relationship to your Creator and Redeemer and worship Him and Him alone.

Summer Sermon Series. Weekly Sermon Collections. Online Sermon Editor. Home Sermons Worship Matters. View all Sermons. Download Sermon with PRO. Browse All Media Related Media. Talk about it Nobody has commented yet. In the late s, James Weir wrote an article describing the beginnings and aspects of early religious feeling. According to Boyer, early man was forced to locate food and shelter in order to survive, while constantly being directed by his instincts and senses. Because man's existence depended on nature, men began to form their religion and beliefs on and around nature itself.

It is evident that man's first religion would have had to develop from the material world, he argues, because man relied heavily on his senses and what he could see, touch, and feel. In this sense, the worship of nature formed, allowing man to further depend on nature for survival.

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Neopagans have tried to make claims that religion started in ways that correspond to earth religion. In one of their published works, The Urantia Book , another reason for this worship of nature came from a fear of the world around primitive man. As a result, man worshiped the very entity that surrounded him every day.

That entity was nature. Man experienced the different natural phenomena around him, such as storms, vast deserts, and immense mountains. Among the very first parts of nature to be worshiped were rocks and hills, plants and trees, animals, the elements, heavenly bodies, and even man himself.

As primitive man worked his way through nature worship, he eventually moved on to incorporate spirits into his worship.

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Therefore, their claims can not be relied upon. The origins of religion can be looked at through the lens of the function and processing of the human mind. Pascal Boyer suggests that, for the longest period of time, the brain was thought of as a simple organ of the body. However, he claims that the more information collected about the brain indicates that the brain is indeed not a "blank slate. They have acquired sophisticated cognitive equipment that prepares them to analyze information in their culture and determine which information is relevant and how to apply it.

Boyer states that "having a normal human brain does not imply that you have religion. All it implies is that people can acquire it, which is very different. An additional idea on the origins of religion comes not from man's cognitive development, but from the ape. Barbara J. King argues that human beings have an emotional connection with those around them, and that that desire for a connection came from their evolution from apes.

The closest relative to the human species is the African ape. The world the ape is born into is saturated with close family and friends. Because of this, emotions and relationships play a huge role in the ape's life. Its reactions and responses to one another are rooted and grounded in a sense of belongingness , which is derived from its dependence on the ape's mother and family.

Belongingness is defined as "mattering to someone who matters to you As severe changes in the environment, physical evolutions in the human body especially in the development of the human brain , and changes in social actions occurred, humans went beyond trying to simply form bonds and relationships of empathy with others.

1. Worship is practice for eternity

As their culture and society became more complex, they began using practices and various symbols to make sense of the natural and spiritual world around them. Instead of simply trying to find belongingness and empathy from the relationships with others, humans created and evolved God and spirits in order to fulfil that need and exploration. King argued that "an earthly need for belonging led to human religious imagination and thus to the otherworldly realm of relating to God, gods, and spirits. The term earth religion encompasses any religion that worships the earth, nature or fertility gods or goddesses.

There is an array of groups and beliefs that fall under earth religion, such as paganism , which is a polytheistic, nature based religion; animism , which is the worldview that all living entities plants, animals, and humans possess a spirit; Wicca , which hold the concept of an earth mother goddess as well as practice ritual magic; and druidism , which equates divinity with the natural world. Another perspective of earth religion to consider is pantheism , which takes a varied approach to the importance and purpose of the earth, and man's relationship with the planet.

Are You Observing the Right Day of Worship?

Several of their core statements deal with the connectivity humans share with the planet, declaring that "all matter, energy, and life are an interconnected unity of which we are an inseparable part" and "we are an integral part of Nature, which we should cherish, revere and preserve in all its magnificent beauty and diversity. We should strive to live in harmony with Nature locally and globally".

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April 22 was established as International Mother Earth Day by the United Nations in , [9] but many cultures around the world have been celebrating the Earth for thousands of years. Animism is practiced among the Bantu peoples [10] of Sub-Saharan Africa. Celebrations and rituals are centered on nature and harvest seasons. Dragobete is a traditional Romanian spring holiday that celebrates "the day when the birds are betrothed.

In Hindu philosophy , the yoni is the creative power of nature and the origin of life. In Shaktism , the yoni is celebrated and worshipped during the Ambubachi Mela , an annual fertility festival which celebrates the Earth's menstruation. Although the idea of earth religion has been around for thousands of years, it did not fully show up in popular culture until the early s. The X-Files was one of the first nationally broadcast television programs to air witchcraft and Wicca types of earth religion content. On average, Wiccans - those who practice Wicca - were more or less pleased with the way the show had portrayed their ideals and beliefs.

However, they still found it to be a little "sensationalistic". That same year, the movie The Craft was released - also depicting the art of Wicca.

Unfortunately, this cinematic feature was not as happily accepted as The X-Files had been. A few years later, programs showcasing the aforementioned religious practices - such as Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer - became widely popular. Although Charmed focused mostly on witchcraft, the magic they practiced very closely resembled Wicca. Meanwhile, Buffy was one of the first shows to actually cast a Wiccan character.

However, since the shows focus was primarily on vampires , the Wiccan was depicted as having supernatural powers, rather than being in-tuned with the Earth. Other movies and shows throughout the last few decades have also been placed under the genre of Earth Religion. Both movies present human interaction with land, animal, and other nature spirits. Speakers for Earth Religion have said that these interactions suggest overtones of Earth Religion themes. Some popular Disney movies have also been viewed as Earth Religion films. Those who practice Earth Religion view The Lion King as an Earth Religion film mainly for the "interconnectedness" and "Circle of Life" it shows between the animals, plants, and life in general.

When that link is broken, viewers see chaos and despair spread throughout the once bountiful land. Congruently, Brother Bear portrays interactions and consequences when humans disobey or go against the animal and Earth spirits. These movies all contain various aspects of earth religion and nature worship in general. Many religions have negative stereotypes of earth religion and neo-paganism in general. A common critique of the worship of nature and resources of "Mother Earth" is that the rights of nature and ecocide movements are inhibitors of human progress and development.

A lot of criticism of earth religion comes from the negative actions of a few people who have been chastised for their actions. One such negative representative of earth religion is Aleister Crowley. He is believed to be "too preoccupied with awakening magical powers" [15] instead of putting the well-being of others in his coven. Crowley allegedly looked up to "Old George" Pickingill , who was another worshipper of nature who was viewed negatively.

Crowley himself was "allegedly expelled from the Craft because he was a pervert. Many people regarded all followers of earth religion as perverted Satanists.

Vision of Heaven how to Worship God in Humility it will move God inside the Holy city Days

Followers of earth religion have suffered major opprobrium over the years for allegedly being Satanists. Some religious adherents can be prone to viewing religions other than their religion as being wrong sometimes because they perceive those religions as characteristic of their concept of Satan worship. To wit, Witchcraft , a common practice of Wiccans , is sometimes misinterpreted as Satan worship by members of these groups, as well as less-informed persons who may not be specifically religious but who may reside within the sphere-of-influence of pagan-critical religious adherents.

From the Wiccan perspective, however, earth religion and Wicca lie outside of the phenomenological world that encompasses Satanism. Devotees worship and celebrate earth resources and earth-centric deities. Satanism and Wicca "have entirely different beliefs about deity, different rules for ethical behavior, different expectations from their membership, different views of the universe, different seasonal days of celebration, etc. Neo-pagans, or earth religion followers, often claim to be unaffiliated with Satanism.

Satanism stems from Christianity, while earth religion stems from older religious concepts. Some earth religion adherents take issue with the religious harassment that is inherent in the social pressure that necessitates their having to distance themselves from the often non-uniform, Semitic sect religious concept of Satan worship.

Cosmic worship, sanctified matter, transfigured vision

Having to define themselves as "other" from a religious concept that is not within their worldview implies a certain degree of outsider-facilitated, informal, but functional religious restriction that is based solely on the metaphysical and mythological religious beliefs of those outsiders. This is problematic because outsider initiated comparisons to Satanism with the intent of condemnation, even when easily refuted, can have the effect of social pressure on earth religion adherents to conform to outsider perception of acceptable customs, beliefs, and modes of religious behavior.

To illustrate, a problem could arise with the "other" than Satanism argument if an earth centered belief system adopted a holiday that a critic considered to be similar or identical to a holiday that Satanists celebrate. Satanists have historically been prone to adopting holidays that have origins in various pagan traditions, ostensibly because these traditional holidays are amongst the last known vestiges of traditional pre-Semitic religious practice in the west.

Satanists are, perhaps irrationally, prone to interpreting non-Semitic holidays as anti-Christian and therefore as implicitly representative of their worldview.