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The Northlander () Roseanne Supernault in The Northlander () The Northlander () Nathaniel Arcand and Michelle Thrush in The Northlander.
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Mr Sevier plays Cygnus, an orphan raised in a tribe called the Lost Ark in a dystopian future where everything looks barren and desert-y. He is a bit of a black sheep because apparently he… kills things differently?

The Northlander (2016)

The tribe matriarch Nova sends Cygnus away on some quest to… do something, I guess. Along the way, he meets bad people who spend their time in this movie telling one another long, opaque stuff that is supposed to be philosophical but ends up pretentious, vapid gibberish instead.

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When fight scenes crop up, they look really unrealistic and staged. RS : I found that one of the strengths in being a performer is not reaching for results but coming to an honest and authentic place as a performer, so that anything I do, I am doing it from a genuine place. Mentally speaking, I like to know who I am working with and I knew that was my co-star Corey Sevier and in the love scene, I knew I could trust him because he is such a nice guy.

Working across from contemporaries and costars that are incredibly professional is very important. Cory started out as a child actor and has been an actor his entire life and has been in the industry his whole life. In terms of the trust, that comes from my training background as well.

So I am excited for everybody to see that aspect of the film. MM: What inspired you to begin acting?

The Northlander 2016

How was your interest in acting supported or encouraged by your family? RS : When I was thirteen, I had the opportunity to start my acting journey with an agent and I saw the power in storytelling. I saw the responsibility and the effect that I could positively have by portraying strong Indigenous images.

It was never our intention to stop there. Our intention was to go out and tell people how change might happen. These Rally for Rail meetings are primarily to explain the process. We know we have the infrastructure. The tracks are there.

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