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LOVE TRIP is one of the main songs from AKB48's 45th single LOVE TRIP / Shiawase wo Wakenasai, by Senbatsu. The song is also included.
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He added, "They're going to the medical model. Those might not have been the names, but they were something like that, and the one I chose the Desert Palms had a blue neon sign with a trim of yellow bulbs. I parked under the portico and saw the gas needle was on empty. When I got out and Klaus didn't follow, I went into the lobby without him. I already had an idea of what was going to happen. The clerk, an older woman with garish makeup, looked straight out of central casting for a scary nurse in a comedy or horror.

I paid for the room with cash. Filling out the registration card, I didn't know the license-plate number, so I went back out to look. Klaus was sitting upright in the backseat. When he saw me he waved through the window. We drove around the side of the motel and parked in front of our room. There were only two or three other cars in the lot.

He spoke as if we were hobos or bone-weary pilgrims.

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The room was a smoking room and smelled like one. There were two beds. Klaus sat on the bed closest to the window.

He patted the comforter, plumped the pillows. He slid out the bedside drawer and removed the Gideon Bible, inspecting the front and back covers, as though he'd never seen one before. I lay on the other bed in my shoes, watching as Klaus removed his Native American jacket and hung it up, fastidiously, in the closet, which was a narrow recess in the wall.

My apartment, I thought, couldn't be more than a couple of hours back west. I could easily be there, in my own bed, by midnight. I wasn't sleepy in the least. But Klaus, for his part, seemed happy to be here.

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I still didn't know where he normally lived. I offered to go find us some toiletry products. Then he reversed himself and said it was a good idea. He pulled out a fat brown wallet.

LOVE TRIP / 幸せを分けなさい (AKB48)

He peered inside, seeming to poke around in it. Then he produced a limp bill and handed it to me gravely. It was a ten. When I left the room, Klaus was removing his pants. I hoped he was going to go to the bathroom.


Outside in the night I saw a mini-mart a little ways down and decided to walk. I got the toothbrushes, a travel-size tube of toothpaste, and a small blue bottle of Scope. I also picked out some jerky, a bag of peanuts, and a small bottle of orange juice. Then I thought of Klaus and went back and got a second of each. Standing at the checkout counter, I noticed a pair of unusual men emerge from the back of the store and make their way slowly toward the exit.

They wore dark suits and had long reddish beards and skullcaps. The shorter man was blind, feeling at the floor with his white cane, while the taller man escorted him by the elbow. I wondered if there were colonies of Amish in the desert. I sat on a bench near the lobby, eating the jerky and peanuts, then smoked a cigarette, watching an occasional car pass.

When I came back to the room, I looked through the gap in the curtain. I could see Klaus in bed. Television light flickered over his face and his arms—he had the covers pulled up to his chest. I tried to open the door quietly. The room smelled steamy, and an MTV veejay was yammering. A bath towel hung on the back of the chair. Klaus's clothes were stacked neatly on the round table. I set my items on the bureau and stole a glance back at Klaus, watching his eyelids. I couldn't tell whether he was asleep or pretending. I took off my shoes, turned back the covers, and lay down in my clothes.

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I watched MTV for a while and must have drifted off, because I found myself in a troubling phone conversation with the front-desk clerk, who was trying to explain that something was wrong with the bathroom, that I shouldn't go in there. My bathroom? What's wrong with it? I demanded. It's handicapped , said the clerk, and I didn't know whether she meant the bathroom was reserved for the use of the handicapped or the bathroom itself was handicapped. Then I realized I was controlling both sides of this conversation, that I had been dreaming but now wasn't.

The TV was playing a Cranberries video. I glanced at Klaus: He was flopped on his stomach, his head turned to the window. I got up and turned off the TV, then tried to go back to sleep—but I knew this disjointed feeling, and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. So I tiptoed out of the room, trying not to make the latch click too harshly.

Out in the night it felt better. I took huge breaths of the desert air, then lit a cigarette and wandered through the breezeway into the pool area. The pool was illuminated and, when I dipped my hand in, pleasantly warm.

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The moon had disappeared; the black sky was filled with stars. Aside from the little accent lights in the cactus garden, everything else was dark. All at once I felt urgently horny—or maybe it was just giddiness—but I stubbed out my cigarette, stripped naked, and slipped into the water. I let my air out gradually, sinking till I was crouched on the bottom. Then I pushed off and burst up through the surface, shaking my hair and squeezing the chlorine water from my eyes.

I frog-kicked up and down the length of the pool, stopping to hold my head back and gape at the unthinkable, fragile mass of stars. Is it sad that this was one of the most genuinely erotic experiences of my life? No one in the world knew where I was at that moment, except for Klaus. I squeezed out my hair, dried off with my boxer shorts, then put on my jeans and shirt, my hoodie, socks, and shoes. I lay on a plastic chaise and smoked a cigarette. When I got back to the room door I realized I didn't have my key. I waited, listening.

I didn't want Klaus to wake up, but I rapped again anyway. Then I checked all my pockets and discovered the key in my hoodie. He was stretched out in his underwear, the oblong sack of peanuts on his furry chest, squinching his toes in sync with the beat. In a way. The production values are better. He shrugged again. As the "Bild" reports, Alphonso Davies was sentenced to a fine of 20, euros.

On his return on Tuesday, however, it came to a longer delay.

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A passenger had passed through a closed emergency exit door and had paralyzed the terminal at Munich Airport. Davies was therefore only at 15 clock in the Bavarian cabin and has thus missed the training.

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Coach Niko Kovac was so outraged that he condemned the year-old to a mega-fine. And that, though Davies could not help it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Monday, October 7,