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Lent Program - Living Faith book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Living Faith is a six-week Lenten resource for small grou.. .
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Photos here. The organ refurbishment addresses the effects of ageing within the components of the organ in the Sydney climate, especially 50 years of accumulated dirt and the breakdown of leather seals which is causing air to escape and notes to fail or warble. As part of the refurbishment the organ will be cleaned, all pipes and their tuning slides and caps removed and cleaned, the rack-boards and toe-boardson the windchests taken up, the windchest tables repaired, the stop sliders and leather seals replaced and modified, new pipe tuning slides fitted, tuning caps re-felted, spring-loaded tuning slides cleaned, all parts correctly re-installed and pipes tuned.

This symbolic act, which began in as a local Sydney initiative to raise awareness about the need for action on climate change, has been embraced by communities around the world making Earth Hour a global event. Tree of Hope by Beric Henderson. All-age homily. Joan Relke. Jumping castle. Rex Merten featured artist. Dr Barbara Ferguson in the Congo. Meet the Candidates. Dr Douglas Golding. Br Roger memorial. Harpist, Bridget McKern. Nan Tien Temple. We are also excited to let you know that we are making some changes to Faith Circles which we hope will assist you in going deeper in your relationships with God and one another.

As the use of Alpha continues to grow in the Diocese of Wollongong as well as other dioceses around Australia, we are transforming Faith Circles into a post- Alpha Connect Group resource. Whilst retaining key components of the original resource, the new Faith Circles-Connect will become the ideal post- Alpha resource for continuing to build and develop strong community and faith relationships with God and one another. A greater focus on group members sharing their personal faith story and relationship with Jesus. Evidence has shown that the more we are able to share the story of our relationship with God, the stronger and deeper our relationship with him becomes.

We draw encouragement from hearing ourselves naming God's presence in our lives and hearing how God has been present and active in the lives of others. We have therefore taken out the reflection by Pope Francis and replaced it with an opportunity for a group member to prepare a short 5—7 minute sharing on how the Gospel reading connects with their life and relationship with Jesus. We will continue to base the resource on the weekly Sunday Gospel reading and include points for discussion and prayer.

During the Lenten season you might also like to use our Lenten Program- Surrender, which also includes short daily reflections from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday in addition to the longer-form Sunday Gospel reflections, spiritual direction, gospel readings, responsorial psalms, prayers and reflection questions that are traditionally part of the Lenten program for groups.

It is an ideal resource for deepening your prayer and reflection during this most special and transformative time. Copies can be purchased from our online shop dowshop. If you know someone who would like to receive Faith Circles-Connect , ask that they sign up at faithcircles.

As a post-Alpha initiative, Connect Groups are easy to begin-just keep meeting fortnightly with your fellow Alpha participants.

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You gather for some food, discussion and prayer. Faith Circles-Connect gives you the format and reflection questions to assist in these fortnightly gatherings. For those who have not participated in Alpha yet , starting a small faith sharing group using Faith Circles-Connect remains easy. Just get two or more people keen to share faith and life and pick a time and a place to regularly meet.

It might be an issue or belief about which the writer feels strongly or a reflection on experience worthy of a wider audience. This month, I had the opportunity — daunting but exciting — to interview Geraldine Doogue about some of her passions. Geraldine was a popular speaker in and the committee is happy to welcome her back. Geraldine is. See page 7. It is always sublime to read about people whose experiences of education have been foundational and have inspired extraordinary contributions.

I knew that, like many European countries, Belgium was strongly oriented towards secularism.

The Tasmanian Catholic, Volume 10:1 2014

Clearly the place of religion and faith is respected, if not trumpeted. The magazine can also be read at mnnews. One man's meat Of course, when I was a high-schooler there was no contest, for two very good reasons. We knew about it from American shows, but it was non-existent in Australia. On the other hand, in a Catholic school Ash Wednesday was unavoidable. No corned beef and pickle sandwiches were to be had, and even pies and sausage rolls — which, it was rumoured, might contain some meat — were not available.

Ash Wednesday had its consequences, though the same conditions applied every Friday in any case.

You were a Catholic child, you did the Catholic stuff. That is not entirely the case. The values they represented were rulekeeping and being different, not penance and self-denial. That was apparent as people hoed into their lovely fish dinners on Friday nights, and painfully obvious when the rules were changed. There are virtually no rules to shape this penitential season any more, but the need to impose some restraint on ourselves, as a reminder of our faults, as a discipline to see that we are not just suckers for every passing impulse to self-gratification, as a way to build capacity to be charitable to the poor, these things have not passed away.

We just have to find for ourselves the ways we can build those values into our lives. FOR displaced Iraqi Christians forced from their homes and living in displacement camps, the moment they have been longing for has finally come. But the task of repair and renovation is huge and the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need ACN — the largest contributor of assistance help since their escape Archbishop Mouche from the Nineveh Plains — is determined of Mosul, holding a to continue to stand with them.

It is now broken statue of Our or never. Their future is in your hands.

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Lady, desecrated by IS. With your help, we can assist the work of the Christian Churches to roll out plans to restore thousands of homes devastated by IS, and continue to provide emergency and pastoral aid for Christian families awaiting resettlement. It is ideal as a spiritual companion for yourself or for someone you love or care for. Most young people and their families experience times when things are not panning out as they had hoped.

All families and individuals have times when help is needed to navigate some turbulence that may have appeared on the horizon. Turbulence can creep in slowly, unnoticed and certainly uninvited. Or it can arrive like a bolt of lightning — out of the blue, unannounced and potentially destructive. Adolescence is a time of massive change and development for young people.

One of the primary developmental tasks of the adolescent is to move towards independence. The trial project aims to. The project will run for one year and will be reviewed and assessed throughout that time. The school currently provides a number of internal supports which meet the needs of many of the students. However, staff have identified students falling between the cracks of current systems, particularly when they step beyond the school gates. Beyond the Gates offers a very flexible model of support to students and families who have historically not engaged well with mainstream services.

If this proceeds, Lucy will meet with the student to map out a plan of how best to provide support. An extra hand is something we all need from time to time. Nur se on a mis sion , Sue Bar tlett , with fello w pari shio ner, Ian Sea rsto n. After applying in , Sue was prepared for this challenge at the orientation course in January. We saw these qualities ourselves, along with her infectious humour! Most importantly, Sue will mentor local nurses, fostering their strengths so services continue beyond her placement.

Kiribati is on the frontline of climate change but many other challenges face the country. Health and poverty are closely interrelated in Kiribati. While health care is free, access is limited, especially on the outer islands. Diminishing farm land means there is more dependence on preserved imported food. Diabetes, obesity, gout, heart disease, stroke and cancer are prevalent.

Aurora March by Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle - Issuu

Illnesses relating to poor water quality, sanitation and hygiene are also increasing, with more than 35, cases reported annually. Alcohol and substance abuse too is rising, signalling a need for improved access to physical and mental health care and education. Sue will assist by addressing the immediate medical needs of students and community members.

In addition, she will provide preventative health education to increase awareness around nutritional eating, hygiene issues and health risk factors across the community. Palms Australia has been committed to strengthening communities for over 55 years in 39 countries.

Living in the community will enable Sue to understand and respond to the health issues affecting the rural people. Her presence will also assist community links with the existing limited health services on the Kiribati outer islands. This month, renowned journalist and broadcaster, Geraldine Doogue, shares some of the things that matter. Keeping that space must be challenging — why bother? The idea that an Australian community let alone an international community without a really solid input from the Catholic Church would be a casualty-free zone, and might be an improvement, is nonsense.

I'm waiting for people to work out that we need a healthy, forward-thinking, hope-filled Catholic Church to contribute to society. TE What might a healthy, hope-filled church look like? GD It would have a much greater role for the laity. I would like far more of a sense of joining in where people are in their lives, offering hope to modern people who I think are truly questing to live a good life. It needs to be modelled realistically. You don't accept terminal setbacks, you do find a purpose which is not just blind optimism and you trudge on because you're not in despair.

Also, humility — the older I get, the more interested I am in the true understanding of humility. I used to think it was frightful meekness — we were encouraged to be meek and humble of heart — how dreary! But as I grow older, sit in institutions like the ABC and watch the Catholic Church, I realise humility is such an important element of leadership.

You accompany others and humbly reassess your own abilities time and time again. I think one of the great yields of my faith Tradition is the quality of mercy — central to our justice system, central to trust, central to moving on; the whole idea, the genius of Christianity, that you can in effect reinvent yourself. However, I went through my worst times about five years ago, before the Commission started, I experienced a real nadir, I felt that the Good Shepherd had been completely laid aside.

The Ellis case, too, was disgraceful whereas the Ballarat and Newcastle stories were just hard to process. Yet I also found myself pondering things like proportionality… I just did not know, growing up as a Catholic, that this was occurring. I might have found folly and annoyance in the clergy and the nuns whom I dealt with, but I found a lot of goodness too. TE You are someone who talks about virtues. Are there particular virtues you try to inculcate in your children and grandchildren?

At the same time, huge numbers of Catholic schools are doing very good work, the Church is the largest provider of welfare other than the government.

Professional Records

Secondly, the idea that women might be cast, not straight away but eventually, as wowsers. For more, visit www. See page 21 for more details. Tracey Edstein is the Editor of Aurora Magazine. Students from across the diocese have been recognised for achieving outstanding academic results in Awards were also presented to the top achievers in the diocese and the HSC diocesan Dux.

Connor hopes to pursue a career in the field of statistical work and mathematics and this year begins a Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Newcastle. But I worry about his health as he is getting older, and now that he has made this comment, how do I introduce the idea of a healthier lifestyle? Do you have a question for Tanya?

Email your question to aurora mn. At some point, our children will think about their weight. Come up with a family schedule together. Keep it low key. Find opportunities to talk about health and why it is important to eat healthily and exercise. Acknowledge healthy choices. Celebrate the small victories when healthy choices are made.

Be curious. When your son mentions anything about his weight, you could ask a question. Make health a family affair. Also provide him with reasons why it is important to eat fewer sugary foods and more healthy.

Introduce physical activities. Encourage your son to go for walks with you. If this seems boring for him, can he ride his scooter or bike if he has one? Do you have a dog to walk together? You could make the walks more interesting by going to areas with interesting scenery such as the lovely beaches in Newcastle and surrounds, the waterside at Warners Bay or the local park. If your son is not already playing a sport, think about doing this.

Visit www. Your son may still prefer junk food — this is pretty normal for a kid. Also, be aware of how you speak about your own body in front of your children. It may take some time and patience and all the advice above may not be successful at first. Habits do take time to change but if you do it together, your family health will improve. Be careful not to compare your younger son with his older brother.

They may never be the same physically but a healthier change is good for the whole family. Need help to plan your super? We can help. Our phone-based advice service offers members clear and concise personal advice on four specific topics. A qualified adviser can provide personal recommendations for you on: The most tax-effective way to build your super via salary sacrifice and personal contributions. How to protect your income and your family with insurance through Australian Catholic Superannuation.

Simple and straight forward financial advice over the phone can start you on the right track to achieving your super goals and help build towards the future. If music be the food of love Philip and Bernadette Matthias share a unique relationship. They met through their passion for music and eventually married; their love for each other and for music is keeping their lives exhilarating and demanding. With two sons, three-year-old William and month-old Thomas, and a new baby due in August, their lives are a whirlwind of activity.

Hunter New England Health to conduct a choir of stroke survivors, which presented an opportunity to research the influence of choral singing on recovery. For the past few years Bernadette has been studying for her PhD in this area. It is a work in progress as life takes detours! Their backgrounds are very different. From age eight to 17, Philip learned to play the violin, as well as choral singing. Philip gained the position of Director of Music at Christ Church Cathedral, hence his life-changing move to Newcastle. As a professional vocalist, Bernadette has an eclectic vocal range including church, Celtic, classical and musical theatre.

Philip has a remarkable academic background.